During our 30 month trip we posted quite a few unnecessary clothes and electronic gadgets back home.  So far all parcels have arrived safely and almost always faster than the stated delivery times.

I don’t know if it helped but descriptions on the customs forms were always truthful and accurate – although you have to get quite creative if you want to fit your description onto the single line on the form.  The posted items were generally of low value, but I would always write on the customs form a value of $0 – don’t know if this helped stop pilfering or if it was just the quality of the three postal services I used.

I did post a broken phone and a camera but in both cases I didn’t include the batteries.  Quite a few postal services are now refusing to handle the lithium batteries that are used in phones and cameras – so to avoid problems it is best not to post batteries of any sort.


Thailand – Bangkok

Parcel Boxes available at Thailand Centre Office, 1160 Charoenkrung, Siphraya, Bangrak as of 30/5/2015

2015-05-30 Bangkok, Thailand - Talad Noi and Sunsets

Price / Thai Baht Width / cm Length / cm Depth / cm
9 14 20 6
12 17 25 9
16 20 30 11
20 22 35 14
25 24 40 17
32 30 45 20

The above prices are for the box only (as of 30/05/2015).  This includes two bits of clear sticky backed plastic that act as security seals and string for securing the parcel.  Suggest you throw the string away and pay 10 Baht to have your parcel ‘strapped’ much stronger than string and much more secure.

Please check the Thai Post website here for postage rates, although to be quite honest I have never been able to match prices with those quoted at the counter – they are either higher or lower but rarely exactly the same.  So if possible drop in and ask them to quote you for postage.

Remember to complete and attach a customs form.


Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

See POS Malaysia website here for parcel rates.

POS Malaysia do a series of parcel boxes but never bothered as we had a shoe box we could use.  But note – if you use something with printing on it other than the officlal postage boxes, then you must cover it in plain paper either brown or white.

Remember to complete and attach a customs form.


India – Kovalam

Buy a prepaid postage box.  Prices listed here.  The price includes the box and  international postage within certain weight bands.

Remember to complete and attach a customs form.