2015-06-28 Site Goes Live

Finally uploaded pictures from India, Singapore and our first visit to Indonesia.  I’m currently writing this from a B&B in Bali – on our second visit to Indonesia.

So far only India and Singapore will show on the site and there are still a few problems with the drop down menus – when they get longer than twelve or so entries they extend off the bottom of the page and refuse to scroll up.  No idea why this, they may have to be made shorter or replaced by something else.

Some key photographs will have comments/descriptions added in the near future.

The Food pages still need some work and there are no recipes yet – they are written but need putting together with photographs.

The Street photography is still a work in progress.


PS. Currently the drop down menu problem only applies to the Diary menu.  The solution is to just click on the word ‘Diary’ and this will open a page listing every country and place.  Click on each entry on this page to open the picture page for that place (if nothing happens when you click then the page hasn’t been created yet).

PPS Android dropdowns appear to be ok. Very odd.