2015-07-03 Rinca Island, Komodo National Park

Today saw the completion of a plan hatched by two youngsters at a junior school in Normanton, Derby.  Unfortunately it didn’t quite come off the way we planned it and it took many more years than either of us thought it would.

The plan was put together by me and my best friend Michael John Novak – John to his friends.  Our plan involved buying a boat and sailing around the world to see as much wildlife as we could, but with the main aim of seeing a Komodo dragon.

After leaving junior school we lost touch but John did travel.  He made it as far as the Falklands where he died on 12-June-1982, along with seven other members of 45 Commando Royal Marines during the battle of Two Sisters.

So here’s to you my friend. One of us made it in body the other in spirit.

Pictures of the boat trip, the dragons and the beach on Angel Island are here