039.08 – Inwa, Bagaya Monastery, Mahar Aung Mye Bon San Monastery

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2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-Panorama01 2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-IMG_9034 2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-IMG_9031 2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-IMG_9024 2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-IMG_8363 2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-IMG_8362 2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-IMG_8361 2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-IMG_8360 2015-01-12-Mandalay-Myanmar-IMG_8359


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